Asian Journal of Counselling

The Effects of Drug Dependence on Spousal Relationships in Iran

2005.第12卷第1及2期(Vol. 12 Nos. 1 & 2).pp. 95–121

The Effects of Drug Dependence on Spousal Relationships in Iran




This article reports the findings of a grounded theory study on drug dependence and spousal relationships in Iran. The study is qualitative in nature; data were obtained through semi-structured interviews. Grounded theory method was used to guide the analysis. Interviews were conducted to 41 opium- and heroin-dependent parents selected from the Self-Referred Drug Addicts’ Treatment Centre in Rasht, Iran. The interviews provided detailed information on the impact of these parents’ drug dependence on their spousal relationships. The study focused on drug dependence and spousal relationships, and explored the links between them. It found that drug dependence could have an effect on various aspects of spousal relationships. In this article, two main aspects of spousal relationships are considered, namely spousal roles and spousal communication. In this study, drug dependence was found to create a number of adverse effects on spousal relationships. Suitable intervention and prevention programs were needed to offer support for drug dependents and their spouses.