Asian Journal of Counselling


2005.第12卷第1及2期(Vol. 12 Nos. 1 & 2).pp. 1–15


Student Affairs Management in Secondary and Primary Schools Using a Risk Approach

譚偉明、陳幗英(Wai-Ming TAM & Kwok-Ying CHAN)




In the modern society, concepts of risk management is mainly applied to economic and financial spheres, and the concepts have also been applied to medical, engineering, and other high-risk areas. Risk management employs techniques in statistics and probability to calculate the chances of occurrence of certain events, and the impacts when the events actually occur. Concepts of risk management may be applied to education, to provide better assurance of the safety of teachers and students, as well as the learning outcomes of students. The present article uses a risk matrix tool to help schools carry out student management more effectively. Risk matrix enables schools to assess the risk faced by students or classes, so that schools can provide appropriate supports and interventions to the concerned parties at an early stage. This article uses two examples to illustrate how risk matrix is applied to manage student affairs issues.