Asian Journal of Counselling


2004.第11卷第1及2期(Vol. 11 Nos. 1 & 2).pp. 127–142


Integration of the Personal Growth Curriculum and Education Reform

陸方鈺儀(Yuk-Yee LUK FONG)


課程改革是教育改革的要項,而成長課則是學校輔導中全方位輔導系統的重點。本文探討課程改革與學校輔導在香港教育改革中的位置,以及它們與教育改革的關係。文章首先討論教育改革和輔導的基本精神,然後討論課程改革與成長課的關係及互相重疊之處,並建議一個融合以上系統的理念架構。最後,本文提出在跨越界限(border crossing)時,教育工作者和輔導人員要留意的地方。


One of the important aspects of education reform is curriculum reform, in which the personal growth curriculum is a vital part of the comprehensive guidance system. This article first discusses the role of curriculum reform and school guidance within the overall framework of education reform in Hong Kong. The discussion then focuses on the relationship and overlaps between curriculum reform and personal growth curriculum, and recommends a conceptual framework that incorporates the above systems. The article concludes with some essential points that educators and counseling professionals should take note of when crossing borders.