Asian Journal of Counselling

Counseling Training in Hong Kong: Challenges and Possibilities

2003.第10卷第2期(Vol. 10 No. 2).pp. 235–248

Counseling Training in Hong Kong: Challenges and Possibilities


S. Alvin LEUNG(梁湘明)


This article outlined major issues and challenges confronting the counseling profession in Hong Kong resulting from a rapid increase in counseling-related training programs in recent years. In order to maintain the healthy development of the counseling discipline, the professional community needs to put a stronger emphasis on assuming its “gate-keeping” function. There is a need to define more clearly what constitute “professional counseling,” and what credentials are needed for one to become a “professional counselor.” Some possible steps that counseling training programs and the professional community could take to strengthen counseling training and practice in Hong Kong are identified and discussed.