Asian Journal of Counselling

Parent Education: Revision and Vision

2003.第10卷第2期(Vol. 10 No. 2).pp. 147–167

Parent Education: Revision and Vision


Ching-Man LAM(林靜雯)


This article revisits the purpose, nature, and meaning of parent education and foresees alternative practices for changing times. The article first reexamines the common conceptions of parent education and identifies the dominant themes underlying parent education. The revisit reveals a need to develop a contemporary vision and a new focus of parent education. This article suggests to reconceptualize “parent education” as “parent empowerment” and to transform parent education from a “private issue” to a “community responsibility.” It further suggests that parent education practice should shift from “knowledge inoculation” to “whole-person development.” The form of practice is to move from “professionalism” to “partnership.”