Asian Journal of Counselling

Filial Therapy as a Cross-cultural Family Intervention

2001.第8卷第2期(Vol. 8 No. 2).pp. 175–208

Filial Therapy as a Cross-cultural Family Intervention


Daniel S. SWEENEY & Catherine SKURJA


Filial therapy is a parent training program based upon building and enhancing the parent-child relationship through use of play therapy skills. Since both play and family relationships cross cultural boundaries, it is proposed that filial therapy is an effective family therapy intervention across ethnic groups. The history of filial therapy, rationale for its use, and fundamental structure are discussed. Filial therapy has also been extensively researched and shown to be an effective intervention with a variety of parent and child populations. Included is a discussion of the cross-cultural applications of filial therapy and a summary of filial therapy research with various ethnic populations.