Asian Journal of Counselling

"Happy Hell or Lonely Heaven": Quality-of-Life Factors in the Reentry of Taiwan Graduates After Study Abroad

2000.第7卷第2期(Vol. 7 No. 2).pp. 61–84

“Happy Hell or Lonely Heaven”: Quality-of-Life Factors in the Reentry of Taiwan Graduates After Study Abroad


Paul B. PEDERSEN & Ko-Shan LEE


During the last decades Taiwan has moved from a prime example of brain drain or non-return of scientists and engineers who went to the United States to study and stayed in the U.S. after graduation, to an example of a country where a high percentage of graduates return home after study abroad. This article reviews the historical evolution of the reentry phenomenon over time with particular attention to quality of life (familial, social, and political) factors. Findings from two National Science Foundation (U.S., #INT-8420095) and National Science Council (ROC) funded research projects to study reentry are discussed. Two research projects, one quantitative and one qualitative, are discussed and patterns of factors contributing to reentry are described. Case examples are also presented to personalize the problem situations confronting Taiwan graduates in science and engineering fields as they decide whether or not to return home after study abroad. Finally, questions are generated for future research.