Asian Journal of Counselling


2000.第7卷第1期(Vol. 7 No. 1).pp. 53–63


What Good Will Five Stamps Do?

蕭寧波(Ling-Po SHIU)


本文以時下香港年青人功利心重的現象作為引子,探討一般中小學常用以獎勵學生的代幣酬賞制(token economy)的利弊,並討論利用這種改造行為的方法時應該注意的地方。其中對行為控制與行為學習的分別,以及酬賞制的局限,都作出了論述。除了文獻回顧外,還加插了筆者的一些個人體驗,以印證酬賞制的利弊。


In this paper, the pros and cons of the token economy, which has been used widely in primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong to manage student behavior, are examined. Theoretical issues that should be considered in order to apply the token system successfully are discussed. In particular, the distinction between behavioral control and behavioral learning, and the limitations of the token system are highlighted. Besides reviewing the literature, the author also cited his personal experience to illustrate the benefits and pitfalls of the token system.