Asian Journal of Counselling


1999.第6卷第1期(Vol. 6 No. 1).pp. 57–78


A Survey of Stressful Life Events for the Middle School Students of Chinese Mainland

江光榮、靳岳濱(Guangrong JIANG & Yuebin JIN)




The survey was conducted with a sample (N=2014) of middle school students from Wuhan, one of the biggest cities in China, with the Chinese Adolescent Life Events Checklist (CALECH), which is developed by the authors (Jiang & Jin, 1998). The major discoveries included: (1) all the stressful life events experienced by the students could be roughly classified into 5 categories as heavy load of learning, negative relationship between student and teacher, disasters with families, bad relationships between parents and between parents and the child, and affairs related to love, peer relationship, etc; (2) the two chief categories of life events as stressors for Chinese mainland students were the load of learning and the negative relationship between students and their teachers; and (3) male students experienced more stressors that the females, but the amount of this difference is less than the one of the difference between junior and senior middle school students, the latter group experienced more stressful life events.