Asian Journal of Counselling

Counselling and Native Healing

1996.第4卷第1及2期(Vol. 4 Nos. 1 & 2).pp. 87–100

Counselling and Native Healing


Michael P. J. McINTYRE


This paper identifies selected Native traditions and healing practices in order to enable practitioners to recognize potential incompatibilities, inconsistencies and incongruities with mainstream counselling and therapy. It hypothesizes that conventional helping has often been used as an extension of the dominant societal tendency to colonize Native people because many practitioners have been insufficiently knowledgeable about Native culture or because they were unaware of the healing alternatives available to members of the Native conununity. It concludes with the observation the indigenous services created and operated by Native people have the greatest healing potential to be for the Native community.


以我們一向慣用的輔導方法去協助那些生活在北美土著社區的人們,往往並不適合,甚至會對他們造成損害。因此,許多土著人都會運用其傳統的方法去解決酗酒、毒癖、虐待以及家庭破裂等問題。本文旨在探討一些現在仍然沿用的土 著傳統輔導方法,並且從觀察中得出以下結論:由土著所設立及推行的土著式輔導服務,對於需要輔導的土著人來說幫助最大!