Asian Journal of Counselling

Directive Group Therapy for Form Five Repeaters

1996.第4卷第1及2期(Vol. 4 Nos. 1 & 2).pp. 17–26

Directive Group Therapy for Form Five Repeaters


Hing-Chung CHOW


Compared to fresh candidates, students who fail in their first attempt in the public examination seem to carry greater anxiety, because of the past unsuccessful experience and investment that they and their families have to make, if they have the second attempt. Hence, a directive psychodynamic group therapy was developed for the repeaters of HKCEE. Five 60-minute sessions are carried out. Themes are selected for discussion each time. Teacher in the group serves as a facilitator. Although group members' anxiety had different sources, similar issues recurred each time. The result proved it is a successful program, which could help them not only to reduce their test anxiety but also resolve some of their intra- and interpersonal conflicts. The students, the recruitment, the setting, reasons of the choice of the themes, the role of the facilitator, therapy techniques, evaluation of the program and a comparison of directive and non-directive group therapy for test anxious students are discussed in the paper.