Asian Journal of Counselling


1994.第3卷第1及2期(Vol. 3 Nos. 1 & 2).pp. 73–77


The Need of Extra-supervision of Junior Secondary Student After School

賀國強(Kwong-Keung HO)


本研究調查初中學生家長對其子女接受課餘督導的需要程度。調查主要是通過一份問卷,發紿全港各區廿二所中學初中三級半級數學生的 家長共六五二十人,收回的問卷有五二三八份,回收率為百分之八十。超過百分之七十八的填答者表示希望其子女在老師下班後(下午五時以 後)接受功課的督導或參予一些額外的活動,他們並不介意學校在這方面收取費用以便能招聘適當的人手以應付這個需要。本研究的結果將會 是學校和青少年中心的新挑戰。


This study investigated the need of extra-supervision of junior secondary students after school as indicated by their parents. A questionnaire was administered to 6520 parents of junior secondary students in 22 schools and 80% of the parents replied. Among the respondents, 78.5% of them expressed the need of extra supervision of these students in the area of home work and other activities after the end of a normal school day (i.e. 5:00p.m.). The parents did not mind to pay extra tuition if the school can provide this service. The result would be a challenge to the existion service of the school and the youth center.