Asian Journal of Counselling


1993.第2卷第2期(Vol. 2 No. 2).pp. 21–28



My Counseling Theory — Human Limitation

黃詠絮(Wing-Shu WONG)


在人的一生中,除了受先天和後天環境的限制外,還有很多是自己加給自己的限制。當我們對自己或某些事物不能接納,因而產生焦慮或心理防 範,這些不能接納的東西使成為我們的限制,限制束縛我們,使我們感到 有壓力, 問題便出現。我的輔導模式是從感受和認知(Cognitive)入手,先 處理受導者的情緒,再改變受導者的知覺(Perception),使他接納限制,再 幫助受導者發揮內裡的潛力,去改變甚至超越他的限制,最後幫助受導者用積極的態度面對人生。


Human beings are constrained by inborn, environmental, and even self-imposed limitations. When we cannot accept certain things or even ourselves, anxiety and psychological defense mechanisms will arise. These unacceptable things will become our limitations, making us feel pressured, and problems will ensue. My counselling model, which attends to emotion and cognition, deals with the client's emotion first, and then changes his perception to help him accept his own limitations. Further, I will help him to develop his potential to the full, so that he can conquer or even transcend his own limitations. Lastly, I will help him to face life with a positive attitude.