Asian Journal of Counselling


1993.第2卷第1期(Vol. 2 No. 1).pp. 93–95


Some Personal Reflection in Study Counselling

李國標(Kwok-Biu LEE)


輔導訓練使我可以明白成長背後的障礙,具體地擺脫成長中的束縛,向自我實現的人生邁進,以致可以更自由自在地生活。本來已趨僵化的情緒, 變得感覺敏銳,能夠擁抱著心頭出現的喜怒哀樂。亦能從收藏、封閉轉向開放、豁達的態度。日常生活中的怯懦與退縮不再出現,反之,我逐漸能 夠建立自表及自信。從模糊的人性觀,發展到今日對人性有一個較全面、積極及肯定的看法。我深信輔導就是生命的流露。


Counselling training has made me aware of the obstacles of my growth and ridded me of various restrictions in life towards self- actualization. It helped liberate me from the burden of past undesirable experience. The training has unharnessed me from an uptight personality and turned me into an empathatic person who can freely express his feelings without hindrance. I have travelled from a reserved and closed state of mind to an open and accommodating one. My past was dominated by a note of diffidence and hesitation; now I am an assertive and self-confident man. My view of human nature was once blurring and indefinite. It has changed to be positive and comprehensive now. I deeply believe counselling is a way of life.