Asian Journal of Counselling


1993.第2卷第1期(Vol. 2 No. 1).pp. 89–91


To the One who Loves Counselling and Values Feelings

張儉成(Kim-Sing CHEUNG)



參與成長小組給我機會更明白自己的感受,釋放我內心的真情。坦誠開放 地讓組員接觸我的心靈,也使我更有能力去迎接生活的挑戰。

同時,當我的心靈愈開放,就愈能夠體驗別人的感受,心胸也變得更寬 廣,可以盛載更多別人的憂傷,也更有能力陪伴別人去生活,這個經歷增強了我投身輔導工作的信心。


With acceptance and support from group members, growth groups free the hearts and feelings of the participants, thus facilitating significant therapeutic and growth experiences.

Joining a growth group myself gives me the chance of further understanding my feelings and liberating the emotions within my heart. Through genuine and open sharing of my experiences with members in the group, I gain more energy to face challenges of life.

At the same time, when I am more willing to disclose my own emotions, I can understand other people's feelings better; my heart is opened up and can carry more grief of others. I am strengthened to share people's life difficulties. Such an experience also helps me to build up my confidence in counselling work.