Asian Journal of Counselling


1993.第2卷第1期(Vol. 2 No. 1).pp. 43–52


Key of an Effective Group — The Importance of the Group Leader as a Person

林孟平(Man-Ping LAM)


一個失敗的小組,成因很多。究其原因,最主要是組長本身出了問題。基於本身在專業資歷和個人特質上的限制,並個人在帶領小組方面的不足, 有些組長是無法有效地帶領輔導小組的。本文從不同角度省覽組長本身,也探討這課題的重要性。在簡單的基本討論後,作者嘗試結合其帶領小 組、培訓組長的經驗和學理,提出了十一項她認為成功小組組長最需要具備的特質。


People generally agree that though there are many factors contributing to an ineffective group experience, the inability of the group leader and the poor quality of the group leader keys. Due to the limitation of their qualifications, their personal characteristic experiences, some group leaders are not capable of leading a group effectively. The present paper looks at several aspects of the importance of the group leader as a person, and explores the importance of such an issue. After brief and essential discussion of some different viewpoints, the anthor suggests eleven characteristics she believes to be most significant for being an effective group leader.