Asian Journal of Counselling

A Review on the Place of Spirituality in Counselling Psychology

1993.第2卷第1期(Vol. 2 No. 1).pp. 17–23


A Review on the Place of Spirituality in Counselling Psychology


Jane S. C. TAM


The word psychology itself means the study of the soul. Yet, in the current study of academic and applied psychology, scholars and researchers tend to employ the natural sciences and laboratory methods of weighing and counting without paying much attention to the study of the soul.

It may not be easy for psychologists to cometounanimous agreementon theexact meaning and activities of a human soul. Many regard such discussion as an agenda in the discipline of either philosophy or theology. But we can't then minimize its importance in the understanding of human behavior. In this paper, the author tries to relate the understanding of a human soul to the awareness of the spiritual aspect of one's personality. She also makes an attempt to define spirituality from both a broad and a narrow perspective based on her literature review and personal experiences.

From her definition on spirituality, the author then traces its place in the development of counselling psychology as a discipline and points out how different schools of thought has in fact put emphasis on this important aspect of human behavior.

In spite of the time limitation for a more extensive research study, the author somehow suggests a direction for counsellors to look into the future importance of developing a holistic way to counselling.