Education Journal


2007.第35卷第1期(Vol. 35 No. 1).pp. 93–111



The Effects of Teaching Materials on Children’s Understanding and Choice of Computational Strategies in Addition and Subtraction

成子娟(Zi-Juan CHENG)




This study investigated and compared the effects of two different types of physical materials (aids with structurally organized patterns vs. objects with randomly varying patterns) on children’s potential logical thinking development. Two groups of children at age of 4.5 to 5.5 years old were taught addition and subtraction systematically with either one of these types of teaching materials. Comparison of their performance showed that the aids with structurally organized patterns could facilitate children’s understanding of addition-subtraction relations (part-whole relations in numbers). Children’s understanding of such relations enhances their choice of decomposition/combination strategies, which subsequently reduced their confusion and errors in computation.