Education Journal


2006.第34卷第2期(Vol. 34 No. 2).pp. 73–96



The Professional Development Progress Map in Field Experience Assessment

鄧怡勳、蘇詠梅、鄭美紅(Sylvia Yee-Fan TANG, Winnie Wing-Mui SO, & May May-Hung CHENG)




This article presents a Professional Development Progress Map (hereafter as Progress Map) and the rationale of “assessment for learning” which underpins its use in field experience assessment. It reports a qualitative study in which interviews were conducted to understand its trial use by 16 teaching supervisors and 21 teacher participants of in-service teacher education programs. Through understanding the initial experience of using the Progress Map, we gain insights on the following issues: (1) the design of and resource allocation in the field experience assessment scheme; (2) the change in assessment culture; and (3) the relationship between the Progress Map, “assessment for learning,” and summative assessment.