Education Journal


2005.第33卷第1–2期(Vol. 33 Nos. 1–2).pp. 221–243



Reform on the Medium-of-Instruction Policy of Hong Kong Secondary Schools: Review and Critique

曾榮光(Wing-Kwong TSANG)




The Education Commission of Hong Kong issued a consultation document entitled Review of Medium of Instruction for Secondary Schools and Secondary School Places Allocation on 3 February 2005. The document has generated heated debates among different parties concerned. In order to facilitate rational discourse and understanding about the issue, this article intends to approach the issue from a macroscopic standpoint and to examine the essential constituents involved in the medium of instruction (MOI) policy of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). Accordingly, the article will begin with an examination of the objectives of MOI policy in the HKSAR. These policy objectives will then be set against the context of the political system of “one country, two systems,” a small and open economic system, and the post-colonial social system to analyze the structural contradictions at work in the MOI policy of the HKSAR. Second, the article will reveal the blind spots and faults committed by the Working Group in their policy analysis and design. Third, the article will further question the fundamental rationales underlying the whole proposal of MOI policy put forth by the Working Group. Finally, an alternative proposal will be outlined to serve as a reference for public discussion on the issue.