Education Journal


2005.第33卷第1–2期(Vol. 33 Nos. 1–2).pp. 169–186



The Higher Education Markets: In Pursuit of World-class Teaching-oriented Multinational Universities

李明華(Minghua LI)


中國在爭取創辦世界一流大學的過程中,在一定程度上是以美國的研究型大學為楷模。但是,高等教育技術革命、教育工程化管理、規模經濟和市場擴大等情況使教育市場由零碎型(fragmented market)走向集中型,非研究型但卻是第一流的教學型大學要和營利性的高等教育機構競爭,使美國的研究型大學受到了嚴峻的挑戰。對中國和國際高等教育大趨勢的分析結果顯示,研究型大學與教學型跨國大學(公司)一體化的模式有可能使中國的若干名牌大學既發展成為一流的教學型大學,亦顯著增加它們邁向世界一流研究型大學的條件。


On their ways to becoming world-class institutions, many universities in China are actually following the models of research-oriented institutions in the United States. However, these U.S. institutions are experiencing the following challenges: the emergence of higher education technology revolution, the emphasis of education engineering management, the increasing benefits from economy of scale, and the transformation from fragmented education markets to relatively massive ones. They also need to face the competition from teaching-oriented institutions and profit-making organizations of higher education. Based on the analyses of the megatrends of China’s higher education market as well as the global one, the author believes that there exist very good opportunities for a few outstanding research-oriented institutions in China to turn into world-class teaching-oriented multinational universities, which will in turn prepare them well for becoming world-class research-oriented institutions in the near future.