Education Journal


2005.第33卷第1–2期(Vol. 33 Nos. 1–2).pp. 125–147



A Comparative Study on the Relevant Laws and Regulations of “Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools” in the Chinese Mainland and “Non-local Courses” in Hong Kong

張曉鵬(Xiaopeng ZHANG)




“Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools” and “non-local courses” are the main form of transnational activities of higher education in the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong respectively. This article analyzes the development of relevant laws and regulations related to Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools and its major problems encountered, and then compares them with those in Hong Kong. The author proposes that the Chinese mainland must strengthen the legislation at the level of the national and local people’s congress to perfect the current relevant laws and regulations; Chinese top-ranking universities should play the leading role in introducing high-quality educational resources from overseas; and the Chinese Government should admit the commercial element of cooperation in running schools, and place emphasis on the protection of students’ legal rights.