Education Journal


2005.第33卷第1–2期(Vol. 33 Nos. 1–2).pp. 25–50



Curriculum Reform: A Comparative Study of Hong Kong and Shanghai

黃顯華、朱嘉穎(Hin-Wah WONG & Ka-Wing CHU)




In recent years, both Hong Kong and Shanghai are facing drastic education reforms. Curriculum reform, the essential component of education reform, has obviously drawn much attention of the educational sectors of these two societies. This article compares, in the first section, the contextual factors of the curriculum reforms in these two places, which include educational, social, political, economical, and cultural factors. It goes on to analyze and compare the curriculum reforms of these two societies by means of some of the major reform documents published according to the following four domains at the system and school levels: curriculum decision-making, curriculum design (which include curriculum ideals, goals, concepts and structure), curriculum implementation, and curriculum evaluation. The result of this analysis will hopefully be beneficial to the development of curriculum theory and the improvement of the curriculum implementation in both societies.