Education Journal


2004.第32卷第2期(Vol. 32 No. 2).pp. 1–37



Globalization and the Resource of Confucian Values Education

劉國強(Kwok-Keung LAU)




After a brief inquiry into the meanings and definitions of the concept of globalization, this article investigates the economic, political, and social changes caused by globalization. It then looks into the educational problems and challenges that educators have to face. The article contends that the recent development of globalization is limited to the scopes of information and economic arenas. The education challenges that globalization aroused are basically the loss of value and human subjectivity, which is the extension of the problems resulting from scientific-cum-industrial-commercial culture of the past centuries. Confucian humanistic values education, with moral education as its core, is remedial for the scientific, industrial, and capitalistic culture since Confucianism emphasizes human subjectivity and directs life experiences.