Education Journal


2003.第31卷第1期(Vol. 31 No. 1).pp. 25–38



An Analysis of Malaysia’s Secondary Chinese Language Syllabus

黃雪玲(Seet-Leng WONG)




Malaysia’s Ministry of Education has published a new syllabus for Secondary Chinese Language in 2000. The new syllabus outlined the content of the new Chinese Language curriculum that has been implemented in stages starting 2003.

This article first gives a brief account of the close relationship among syllabus, curriculum, and teaching materials, and then describes the recent development of education in Malaysia. Finally, the article analyzes the content of the new Chinese Language syllabus.

It is found that much innovation has been made in the curriculum, and its main objective is clearly stated. It reveals the commitment of Malaysia’s Ministry of Education in catching up with the rapidly changing and progressive world. The curriculum is designed according to the needs and requirements of quality education for the 21st century. Its implementation should achieve the main objective of cultivating young generation of Malaysia to be innovative and creative, equipped with knowledge and skills of information and communication technologies, and fully prepared to face the impact of globalization and internationalization.