Education Journal


2002.第30卷第2期(Vol. 30 No. 2).pp. 83–105



Organizational Effectiveness in Hong Kong Higher Education Institutions

關譽綱(Paula Y. K. KWAN)


本研究的目的有二,除旨在證明高等教育院校的「組織績效」(organizational effectiveness)為一個含多因子的二階建構(second-order construct)外,亦進一步探討各因子對整體組織績效的相對影響。透過一項以香港七所大學的教員為對象的問卷調查,研究發現香港教員偏重學術研究多於學生的學習。這結果反映出大學教育資助委員會的研究評審機制(Research Assessment Exercise)對大學的影響。


This study aims to validate that organizational effectiveness in higher education institutions is a second-order construct. It further examines the relative importance of various dimensions of organizational effectiveness. Based on the findings of a survey administered to university academics in seven Hong Kong universities, the second-order construct of organizational effectiveness was supported. The findings also reflected that the student-related dimensions of organizational effectiveness were not considered as important as the dimensions related to faculty employment and satisfaction, suggesting that there exists disproportionate influence of the governing body on Hong Kong higher education institutions.