Education Journal


2002.第30卷第2期(Vol. 30 No. 2).pp. 41–62



In Search of Local Stories: Historical Conceptions of Hong Kong History Teachers

楊秀珠(Alison Sau-Chu YEUNG)




The author views the introduction of Hong Kong history into school curriculum since the 1990s as a significant step toward opening up a new arena for schoolteachers whereby history education can be seen more as an open-ended practice than a transmission of objective knowledge. Based on 210 “lived-in” stories carefully selected by primary and secondary schoolteachers, this article serves two purposes: First, it shows the engaging power of local history as history of everyday life, particularly when the stories involve teachers’ personal accounts of their own private life; second, it puts heightened emphasis on the power of storytelling in blurring the man-made boundaries between different categories of history, such as private versus public, local versus global. The article argues that when historical narratives are embedded with the open-ended perspective of a poetic act, history classrooms can become more alive and meaningful.