Education Journal


2001.第29卷第2期(Vol. 29 No. 2).pp. 1–21



Heroes and Heroines in the History of Hong Kong and Modern China: Voices of Hong Kong Teenage Students

楊秀珠(Alison Sau-Chu YEUNG)




The changes of history curriculum in post-war Hong Kong mainly evolved around the issues of time duration, selection of content areas, and introduction of historical databased questions. The current wave of curriculum reform proposed by the Hong Kong SAR government has witnessed the contested nature of history education, but still lacks a grounded discussion of the everyday practice in history classrooms. Based on a case study of a school-based experimental curriculum which focuses on how historical figures shaped the course of history of Hong Kong and modern China, this article examines students' perception of historical knowledge and understanding through tapping their voices in questionnaire survey, school activities, open-ended questions, and focus group interviews.