Education Journal


2000.第28卷第2期(Vol. 28 No. 2).pp. 157–172



Home-school Relations — An Exploration from the Perspective of Social Psychology

龐憶華(I-Wah PANG)




Home-school cooperation has been regarded as one of the important indicators for effective schooling. Unfortunately, the practices of home-school cooperation have been poorly informed by sociological and psychological theories. This article attempts to explore the home-school relations by using three important theories in social psychology, namely symbolic interactionism, social exchange theory and reference group theory. Cultural consideration has also been made. Preliminary examination shows that the symbolic interactionism provides the justification for teacher-parent interactions, the social exchange theory suggests strategies for home-school cooperation, and the reference group theory increases understanding of the phenomena of home-school relations. It appears that the three theories can contribute significantly to the understanding and development of home-school relations in Hong Kong.