Education Journal


2000.第28卷第2期(Vol. 28 No. 2).pp. 99–115



Chinese Language Teaching and Information Technology

何萬貫(Man-Koon HO)






The major concern of the present article is to provide an overview of the theoretical arguments and empirical problems encountered in the implementation of information technology in Chinese Language teaching.

It is apparently believed that with the application of information technology, the teaching and learning of the Chinese Language should be enhanced. IT may stimulate pupils' learning motivation, facilitate their ability to analyse so as to make learning more effective.

The emphasis on the learning process and analysis of acquired knowledge underlines the importance of the implementation of IT in education. With the help of IT, pupils nowadays no longer need to spend time struggling through the procedural stage of knowledge acquisition. They can easily access necessary data from the Internet and still have much time for analysis and synthesis of the learning material. As a result, it may help them strengthen and develop their analytical skills. In order to make full use of IT in Chinese Language teaching, teachers are advised to master techniques in the use of IT, to learn to type in Chinese and to understand the limits of using IT.