Education Journal


2000.第28卷第2期(Vol. 28 No. 2).pp. 85–97



Cultural Perspectives in Mathematics Education

張雄(Xiong ZHANG)




Mathematics education has culture genes which come from its inside and outside and reflects many characteristics of traditional culture. The examination culture first appeared in China and together with the traditional Chinese culture, they have had a far-reaching influence on mathematics education in China. The study of mathematics from the education point of view means "hard study" + "examination," whereas from the mathematics point of view means "calculation" + "logic" and from the study point of view "recitation" + "practice." Also, a family usually shows high expectations on their children having good examination results. "Study and answer," stressing on basic training and example teaching are prominent characteristics of the Chinese mathematics education, and the mathematical education in various countries in East Asia has similar characteristics. However, the Chinese mathematics education has a lot of hidden problems, and should learn from the Western mathematics education those approaches such as "problem-solving" and "constructivism." In addition, ethnomathematics should also have an active role to play in mathematics education.