Education Journal

Learning English Through Self-study by New Arrival Children

2000.第28卷第2期(Vol. 28 No. 2).pp. 15–34


Learning English Through Self-study by New Arrival Children


Gladys TANG & Yang GU(鄧慧蘭、顧陽)


The paper illustrates how autonomous learning as a concept guides the production of the English Self-Learning Packages (ESLPs) for New Arrival Children (NAC). It also documents the children's reactions towards this mode of learning, in particular, how they react to the process of improving their English standard by engaging themselves in a self-study mode. The production of the packages was funded by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region with the aim to help these children bridge the gap in English language proficiency. Research on autonomous learning has largely focused on adult learners who are perceived as being more receptive to training in autonomous learning routines and strategies. The current study aimed to document children's reactions towards self-study as a way to achieve some form of autonomous learning.