Education Journal

Teachers' Stages of Concern About the Target-Oriented Curriculum

2000.第28卷第1期(Vol. 28 No. 1).pp. 109–122


Teachers’ Stages of Concern About the Target-Oriented Curriculum


Derek CHEUNG & Davis NG(張善培、吳木嘉)


The study described in this article investigated teachers' concerns about the Target-Oriented Curriculum (TOC) in Hong Kong. Based on the 5-stage model of teacher concerns developed by Cheung et al. (1999a), data from 1622 primary school teachers were analyzed. It was found that most teachers, whether they were teaching TOC or not, showed peak concerns at the third stage that focused on management of TOC. They were most worried about issues such as efficiency, time demands, organization, scheduling and the best use of resources. This implied that TOC was still in an early phase of implementation even though it was initiated in 1995. Multivariate analysis of variance followed by stepdown F-tests also revealed that teachers' stages of concern were affected by their experience with TOC and types of school, but not subject areas. Interventions targeted at the third stage of concern about TOC are suggested, and implications for curriculum implementation in the future are also discussed.