Education Journal

Politics of Curriculum: Changes in Teacher Education in China

1998/1999.第26卷第2期及第27卷第1期(Vol. 26 No. 2 & Vol. 27 No. 1).pp. 345–360


Politics of Curriculum: Changes in Teacher Education in China


Grace C. L. MAK(麥肖玲)


This article examines the adaptation strategies of teacher education curriculum to rapidly changing socio-political contexts in China in the reform era. The current challenges in Chinese primary and secondary education are imbuing new skills and values in students and accommodating individual differences in abilities and motivation among them. The main strategies employed are a new emphasis on the status and curricular time in educational studies and teaching practice, rethinking the organization of academic knowledge, and an expanded and more flexible curriculum structure. The experience has demonstrated the malleable nature of curriculum in the organizational aspects and the not-so-mutable nature in the cultural aspects of teaching. It also raises fundamental questions about teacher education curriculum in China and in general.