Education Journal


1998/1999.第26卷第2期及第27卷第1期(Vol. 26 No. 2 & Vol. 27 No. 1).pp. 201–220



A Preliminary Analysis of the Nature of Teaching and Learning of Selective Schooling and Universal Schooling: Restructuring of the Knowledge Base of Education in Asia

黃顯華(Hin-Wah WONG)





The nature of education systems in most Asian countries has been developing a various stages from selective to universal. Students' learning, which is the most important goal of schooling, faces a lot of problems. In order to understand these problems, objective and systematic analysis of the distinctive nature of teaching and learning between selective schooling and universal schooling should be undertaken. Based on the above findings, the knowledge base of restructuring curriculum, teaching and teacher education can be developed.

The concept of "knowledge base" in education is being analyzed in the first part of the paper. The second section of the paper is devoted to the description of the process and methods of inquiry into the nature of selective and universal schooling. Based on the analysis of the differential treatment of learners' individual differences and motivations of the two kinds of schooling, the distinctive nature of teaching and learning is being delineated. The paper concluded with a synthesis of the above findings and the characteristics of "knowledge base".