Education Journal


1996.第24卷第2期(Vol. 24 No. 2).pp. 121–146



The Use of Role Play in the Teaching of Chinese

周漢光(Hon-Kwong CHOW)





Role play is to adapt or edit the teaching material into a drama script or radio play and let students perform in groups. In the process, they can get into the character as well as his emotional and behavioral development. With a follow-up analysis and discussion of the role play, studentss understanding of the text and their affective development will be enhanced.

Using role play in teaching can arouse student's interests and develop their initiative in learning. It also satisfies their active and energetic dispositions and allows them to learn in an enjoyable atmosphere. Thus it is a commonly used tool in Chinese teaching.

This paper focuses on the theory of role play, its value in Chinese teaching, its design, applications, advantages and limitations. Three texts taken from Chinese teaching materials in Hong Kong secondary schools are attached as appendices for teacherss reference.