Education Journal


1996.第24卷第1期(Vol. 24 No. 1).pp. 67–86



Putonghua — Its Development as a Subject and as a Medium of Instruction in Hong Kong

何偉傑(Wai-Kit HO)





Putonghua is the official language of the Chinese Government. There is no doubt that Putonghua will continuously increase its influence on various aspects, including politics, economy and education after 1997 in Hong Kong. This paper reviews the development of Putonghua as a subject voluntarily taught at secondary schools and primary schools in the past ten years. The future roles of Putonghua as a learning subject and as a medium of instruction are examined from different perspectives, such as its language planning, language environment, curriculum development, teaching practice, teacher education, language proficiency and teaching language.

This paper is an extract of the Consultancy Report submitted to the Working Group on Language Proficiency of the Education Commission. Some of the suggestions are included in the Report prepared by the Working Group.