Education Journal


1996.第24卷第1期(Vol. 24 No. 1).pp. 43–66



Research on Secondary School Students' Idea on Explicit Coherence in Chinese Writing

何萬貫(Man-Koon HO)




Coherence can be divided into Implicit Coherence and Explicit Coherence. The former mainly bases on idea, including "Distance Coherence Network" and "Multi-Coherence Network"; while the latter stresses cohesion, that is, ellipsis, referential, time, conjunctive and the like. The research aims to probe the different performance between high ability students and low ability students of S.1, S.3 & S.5 in the test of Explicit Coherence. The result showed that in whatever level, both groups of students did have distinctive difference in their performance of "Ellipsis Cohesion", "Referential Cohesion", "Time Cohesion" and "Conjunctive Cohesion". The appropriate use of "Conjunctive Cohesion", particularly, is also an accurate indicator of good writing.